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Dr. Vaishali Chaudhary is the medical director of Ankur Fertility Centre and the chief IVF consultant at Cloudnine Hospital Shivaji Nagar and Cloudnine Hospital Kalyani Nagar Pune.

She specializes in Donor eggs, Surrogacy, In-Vitro Fertilization (Test tube Baby), Obstretics and also Gynaecological Endoscopy. She is one of the best IVF Doctor, IVF Specialist in Pune and From B. J. Medical College, She has completed her M.D. in Gynaecology and Under the guidance of Dr.P.W. Sambarey, Pune University, and Dr. Ian Cooke, University of Sheffield, UK , she has been the main specialist in Maharashtra who has been granted the Ph.D. degree for her research in female infertility.She has undergone Specialised training in IVF at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, US. She has worked as Lecturer in Sassoon Hospital for 3 years. She has also been the Teacher for postgraduate students of Gynaecology. She has helped more than 1000 couples achieve their dream of parenthood through her expertise and knowledge.

At Ankur Fertility Centre, we appreciate the most is patient’s trust and security. So for each couple we ensure that they realize there treatment completely and can take educated choice about self.

In our consultation first we always try to find the reason for your failure and work out a treatment strategy for you which assures you result in short time period. We believe in every patient is different and so is the reason for fertility problems.

IVF Specialist In Pune
M.D. (Obst. & Gyn) Ph.D.(Infertility)

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  • Cloudnine Shivaji Nagar :- 9:00 AM TO 1:00 PM
  • Ankur Fertility Centre Yerwada :- 2.30 PM TO 5.30 PM
  • Cloudnine Kalyani Nagar :- 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM








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Welcome to Ankur Fertility Center, one of the best infertility center leading in Pune. Professionally managed by renowned infertility specialist Dr. Vaishali Chaudhary, Ankur Fertility Center offers a full range of infertility diagnosis and testing services as well as best infertility treatments in Pune. At Ankur Fertility Center, we are committed to sincerely & seriously help you deal with your infertility and achieve your dream to have a baby.Infertility is not being able to get pregnant even though having numerous exposed interaction for at least a year. If you are […]